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Common misconceptions about the spirit of Jezebel

Many people who hear about the spirit of Jezebel immediately conjure up thoughts of a woman who is dressed very sexy who tries to seduce a man to have some kind of tawdry sexual affair.  Or they may think back to Jezebel in 1 and 2 Kings and believe that anyone today that has that spirit would try to literally kill another person who is a prophet.  While there is usually some kind of sexual desire that is very selfish and not as it should be, and that the spirit of Jezebel does try to silence the voice of those who have a prophetic gifting, the majority of those who operate in the Jezebel spirit are much more demure the woman who battled Elijah.

There are different strengths of those who operate in the spirit of Jezebel.  The most common are those who have a 10-50% level strength of that spirit who simply want their way over another human being.  They control others subtly through making comments to cause others to feel sorry for them or to make them feel guilty if they don’t give them what they want.   They cause confusion when talking with people and will never take any responsibility for what they do.  When counseling with a pastor or counselor they will make themselves look very innocent while implicating others in false ways.  That is why counseling never works with those who have the Jezebel spirit as they are not honest with their behavior behind closed doors and the only way to freedom is to command the spirit to go.

Often times those who have the Jezebel spirit are very debonair and charismatic and people draw to them because they are often good looking and can work their way to get what they want from others.  At the surface level they would never appear to possibly be a bad person.  They often do things for others and may give gifts to those who are influential in others lives so that they can obtain favor from them in the future to operate in a  subtle controlling manner over others.  People who are challenged with the Ahab spirit (they do not like to confront others who are doing things that are not right) usually draw to those with the Jezebel spirit, often times for a lifetime.  And those with the Jezebel spirit will draw to those that have the Ahab spirit who they can control. Usually they want to marry people who have some level of influential position in the church or level of success in the business world.

So the most common types of behavior from those with the Jezebel spirit are:

  • Control others subtly through making comments that cause you to want to give them what they want
  • If they don’t get what they want they will make you feel guilty through comments or they may get angry and you will not have peace until you give them what they want
  • They will manipulate you to get what they want. They know how to turn on the charm to make you want to give them what they want or they will make strong comments to let you know you better give them what they want or if they are your spouse you will not receive sex from them
  • They will not be totally honest with you on anything.  They will constantly be lying about various people or situations so that you will be tainted in your opinions of others. They will also use other people to do their dirty work for them by lying to them and having them deliver false information to other people.  They twist the truth like no other.
  • They are prideful and arrogant but often times appear to be innocent and altruistic at initial glance

Those that have the stronger level of Jezebel spirits will behave more fiercely if you do not give them what they want.  One woman berated her husband verbally for 3 straight non-stop hours and then expected him to perform sexually for her.  He was exhausted and said he could not and got ready for bed and as soon as he closed his eyes to sleep she threw a glass from 10 feet away that shattered against the wall 3 feet from his head.  She also used to chase him in his own home and hotel rooms to try to continue verbally abusing him.  She even threw a knife in his direction just to let him know that if he did not give her what she wanted she may kill him.  Then she acted all sweet and innocent around people at her church.  About 15% of those with Jezebel and Leviathan spirits behave to this crazy level.

So while most people believe many misconceptions about the Jezebel spirit, the truth is that these people are always all about control and manipulation to getting what they want and if you do not give them everything they desire then you will pay for it with no peace.  The Lord showed me that to some degree that more than half of all women and 25% of men operate in the Jezebel spirit.  Most men operate in the Ahab spirit (abdicate their spiritual leadership responsibilities, strong ability to earn money and become leaders in business, tend to be momma’s boys) and are married to women who have the Jezebel spirit.  The men who have the Jezebel spirit are so verbally abusive to their wives that many suffer from significant diseases in their bodies from taking all the abuse and some die early in their 40’s and 50’s (sometimes from cancer).

So this is a huge worldwide problem.  It is the #1 reason for divorce. The Lord is now dealing with this in people and churches everywhere. He is exposing those that are operating in it. One pastor who operated in the Jezebel spirit kicked out a man from his church who separated from his extreme Jezebel wife.  He would not even talk to the man.  The man then had a dream that the pastors church was going to be shut down completely by God.  Within a year the church was shut down and sold to the humane society. Just like in the Bible where Jezebel was eaten by the dogs, Jezebel in that church was sold to the dogs.  God does not mess around if you choose to sin in private as He will make it very public and expose you to get you to be honest and repent.

If you struggle with controlling other people and wanting your way all the time (and grew up with father wounds from childhood and may have had a very controlling mother) then you most likely have the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits.  The only way to get free is to recognize it, admit it and then take your authority and command the spirits to be gone.  I help thousands of people do that each month through personal sessions, my book Restored to Freedom (available on Amazon) and Worldwide Deliverance Sessions on Facebook LIVE which are then shared with thousands of people around the world.  God is getting his church purified and clean.  It is time.


2 Replies to “Common misconceptions about the spirit of Jezebel”

  • This describes what’s going on with my granddaughter. I knew something ungodly was going on with her, but couldn’t put my finger on it. She’s 13 now. I am reconciled to my husband (who is still legally my ex) and family after being estranged for a number of years. While I was away, my husband developed a close relationship with my granddaughter, starting at age 6 months. Her mother afforded my husband a lot of time with her over the years, by her own choice, so my granddaughter was with him a lot. She is one of 11 grandchildren, but she has been treated with preference over the others by my husband over the years. When I have told him how troubled I am over his preferential treatment of her, even over me, he says something like, “she was here all those years.” She is an attractive, smart, and charismatic girl who is very small for her age. She could pass for a 9 year old easily, and plays off of that whenever she can. She positions herself between my husband and me, and also between certain uncles and their wives, like she has to be to #1 female. She manipulates favors, money, things out of these men often above any objections from the mates of the men. She revels in it and casts a glare at the women when she gets her way, circumventing them. I have felt guilty for having negative feelings toward her, but I can’t help how negative it is in my life as being “the prodigal” returned to my family, and the difficulty it causes in trying to fully reconcile with my husband. My husband is fiercely defensive of her and any complaint is quickly answered with a sharp rebuke for us not to “attack” her and sometimes followed by a threat warning of people that attack her are not “going to win” with him. There’s like a strong soul-tie between them, which to my discernment, wreaks of being out of line with God’s order. The Lord brought me back her, this is where I am to be, regardless, so recognizing the spirit of Jezebel at work here in my granddaughter, it appears that I need to take authority over it and rebuke it and command it to leave. I know she has a lot of resentment about her small under-developed stature and so her ability to jockey herself favor above others is satisfying to herself. I don’t want to see her continue to grow into that type of person. It’s just not good all the way around. This is the first time that I have commented like this and I am submitting such a huge comment. Please pray for me and my family, that we will all get properly lined up with God’s will and order. Thank you.

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