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The Lord wants you to enjoy adventure in life

Life is an adventure.  We do not know exactly how each day, month or year will turn out.   It is a series of seasons that we all go through.  Some seasons are hard, tumultuous and scary.  Some seasons are enjoyable and has fun surprises in store.  But ultimately the Lord wants us all to trust Him the entire way and not get into fear, frustration or anger at any time.  When we totally trust the Lord we can relax when we are going through a tough season of life, knowing that God is working all things for our good.

In a real sense the Lord wants His children to take various adventures in their lives.  In my own life I have gone from a regular corporate job for my entire career up until 2013 when I began to transition out from a regular paycheck to having to depend on the Lord to provide all of my income.  It took several years for me to learn to completely trust the Lord and now i have no regular income to depend on.  My only sources of income are from donations, speaking engagements at churches and conferences and home meetings, royalties from my book sales and individual counseling sessions.  The Lord sets up one event or a TV interview in a state, region or city and then tells me to go.  I go and then He provides more divine appointments along the way.  I love living an adventure every day of my life.

The Lord knows that I love to be around lakes, nature and mountains.  I have experienced much of that along my travels around the United States the past 9 months.  I have done ministry in Dallas, Raleigh/Durham, NC, all over California, New York City, New Jersey, eastern PA, DC, Virginia, Houston, and will be doing ministry in the Smoky Mountains, TN, Atlanta, Buffalo / Rochester, NY and Canada over the coming weeks.  God provides for me where to stay, and every other detail along the way.  I love living in complete faith and trust of the Lord.  It is a true adventure and I would never go back to the corporate world way of living.  I know of many others who want to take that step of faith but feel the fear of the enemy whispering to them not to.

God wants you to jump out in faith to take on new adventures every day. He wants you to trust Him completely for all your provision.  So many in the United States do not step out on new adventures that the Lord wants for them and feel stifled in their current jobs.  When is the last time that you just got in the car and drove somewhere for the week, not planning anything and allowed the Lord to surprise you?  There is something that is so life giving when you simply step out of your normal day to day and do something for the very first time.  I highly recommend going somewhere you have never gone before and just enjoying the anticipation of being surprised by the Lord.  Go to a new lake or state park, drive in the country on a road you have no idea where it will lead and then see where you end up.  Take a canoe trip, go hiking,  sleep in a tent, walk around a lake, climb a mountain.

God wants us all to experience life and live it more abundantly.  It is time to break out of your usual routine and take a new adventure in life.  God wants us to trust Him to provide, to protect and to connect.  When you completely trust Him for everything in your life, He will provide the desires of your heart.  I enjoy visiting college campuses and going to their football or basketball stadiums or just walking around looking for squirrels to feed (or water).  So when I was ministering in Raleigh / Durham, NC last December the Lord allowed me to walk onto Cameron Indoor Stadium’s basketball floor on the campus of Duke University.  The next day I was able to watch the University of North Carolina men’s basketball team practice.    A few weeks ago I was able to walk around the campus of Texas A&M looking for squirrels to feed and saw one that was laying flat on its belly.  It was hilarious and fun.  Then got to go see the 12th man statues at their football stadium.

God created all of us to enjoy the adventure of life.  To do things that we have never done before.  So I implore you to do something this weekend that you have never done in your life.  There is something so fun when you step out of your comfort zone and experience things in life that you never thought of doing.  Every day of my life is now an adventure.  I stay in new towns, cities, states, take new roads and see new rivers, lakes, and places every week.  It is so fun talking to new people from around the world every day.  It is exhilarating taking steps of faith every day and watching how the Lord connects and directs my steps in perfect sync.

So get ready to see how the Holy Spirit leads this weekend.  Get ready to be surprised and expect the Lord to bless you like you have never been blessed before.  Keep your adventure on!

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