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An Introduction to the Leviathan Spirit

A common spirit that is found afflicting those that are anointed is the Leviathan spirit. Usually those that have the Jezebel spirit will also have the Leviathan spirit operating in them and will need to be dealt with effectively.  A combination of Jezebel and Leviathan are extremely difficult to dislodge because the afflicted person has to command them to go.  If the person has been tormented with them for 20 or more years they will often have entrenched mindsets in place which become strongholds that will cause them to deny they have those spirits.

Leviathan is a very seductive spirit that sets out to deceive the person that has them.  It will present itself as a form of protection but unfortunately it is a false security, and will do all it can to prevent you from trusting God fully and completely.  The reason you cannot trust God completely is because you could not trust your earthly father completely (and/or mother).  The last statement should set off a huge light bulb inside of you if you have never had revelation of this before.  Leviathan is a controlling spirit that will encourage you to take control of all your circumstances, instead of trusting in God to take care of your situation.

That is why it is extremely hard for people that suffer from it to have peace in their lives as people with this are some of the most anxious people in the world.  You are unable to be a person at peace and have a strong faith that God will meet your needs because of all the fear that is present.   Those that have this spirit may notice that when they try to read their Bible that they often will fall asleep or do not remember what they read.  They will also have a hard time sleeping through the night (insomnia) and may have bad dreams.  Pastors that suffer from this have a very hard time delegating responsibilities to others in their church because they do not trust anyone else.

People who carry Leviathan will struggle with strong pride and some arrogance in thinking they know everything about everything.  This is especially prevalent in pastors that have the spirit as they may tell their congregations things like “We are the epicenter of revival” or “We teach things here that no other churches around us have revelation about” and “We teach other pastors insight that are not as in tune with the Father.” The people that attend their church start to become more prideful with them and it is a nasty spirit that the Lord does not tolerate and eventually will humble the pastor or leaders that take that arrogant attitude.  Some that have this spirit like to exaggerate stories to others in order to look good or to appear spiritually prominent and knowledgeable about everything and receive unique insight from God that others do not. They also will twist the truth of how a situation occurred and never take the responsibility for something that went bad.

Lack of unconditional love and receiving much rejection from one’s earthly father is an open door for the spirit of anxiety to enter because you never feel at peace in your life.  The spirit of anxiety is under the control of the Leviathan spirit.  The spirit of anxiety wraps itself around your spine in order to control your central nervous system.  An over-active nervous system is the reason why your body becomes flooded with adrenaline during times of fear and you behave so aggressively at times.  When a lack of love from one’s father enters the equation, this sets you up for a lifetime of pain and heartache that is unbearable.

Your life becomes centered on receiving approval and if you do not receive it you feel guilt, shame, and condemnation.  You probably have suffered much rejection from others (spouses, managers at work, pastors, etc), and as a result you are constantly seeking approval from God and from others.  You constantly strive in your life and circumstances never feeling at peace or rest.  You strive to be perfect and are driven to succeed and accomplish what you desire at all costs.  Perfectionism is also a spirit that is under the control of Leviathan. Physical manifestations of Leviathan are a sore neck and shoulder area, due to carrying tension in your body most of the time.  Can also lead to Fibromyalgia or cancer if you are in your 40’s or 50’s.

Leviathan is the great imitator.  This spirit uses scripture to distort and twist the truth as it knows the Word of God very well but misapplies them according to what it wants to accomplish (does that sound like anyone else we know?…Satan?).  For example the spirit may have the person tell their spouse “You need to cover and protect your wife and not expose me” while the abuse and extreme control continue to make your life horrible.

If you keep a daily journal your spouse may demand that you not record the details of their controlling behavior and abuse.  It is also causes one to be pious and religious.  Leviathan loves to keep you from reading your Bible (you may read it for short periods of time and try to read it for hours but you often will fall asleep or not understand and comprehend what you just read so you try to read it again and again but still cannot remember or comprehend it). This spirit will prevent you from fully receiving the Word into your spirit as much as possible or will cause you to twist scripture.

One misled pastor stated that God loves us so much that if you end up in hell that he will not allow you to suffer forever and burn in the lake of fire as He will take you out of the fire and put you some other place that is not as bad.  Or that God loves you so much that he will just burn you completely up so you will not have to suffer anymore.  This is very dangerous teaching that will cause people to believe that sin is not so bad and God is tolerant of sin. This will ultimately draw them away from a life of purity and righteousness to a life of sin away from the Lord.  Never confuse God’s unconditional love for your actions that are contrary to His will.  God is a just God and although He wants no one to perish, if you choose to sin and want nothing to do with Him, then you will suffer tragic consequences on earth and eternally in hell.

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    • Yes I have the prayer to break off the Leviathan spirit in my book Restored to Freedom. Also on my website under the Resources section (Powerfully Effective Prayers of Deliverance)

  • This is crazy I am reading this and going wahhhh. I had scoliosis for 15y. I had it cast out by mark hemans. But I’ve never been able to understand how it got in there. Deep down I knew it was something to do with my father. My father divorced when I was 13y. He went off with the neighbour. When I was 15y I moved in with him. He then went with the neighbour. I felt rejected and couldn’t trust him. I didn’t talk to him for months. The state removed me and I became an independent youth. At 17y. This is when. The spirit entered me and my rib distorted. At the separation. I was living in my own. I got groomed and raped shortly afterward. 15y later, dad finally married the neighbour. We pretty much did not have a relationship this whole time. After the wedding the neighbour stood over my dad (who now has mental health issues) and kicked me out. At my most vulnerable as I had just had domestic violence happen. Then all this poison went down my body right where the root scoliosis was. I have always wondered about this. Rejection of father is the cause. It’s gone now and I am 100% healed in Jesus name.

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