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How does the Jezebel spirit torment people?

There are many enemy spirits and some have names that we can identify. What has been harassing a person for years and often times a lifetime since as early as their teens? Why do they behave the way they do?  Why can they not live a peace filled, gentle and loving life?  Why are they unable to enjoy a loving relationship with their spouse and children even after spending months, years or a lifetime in counseling/therapy?

It is a spirit that exhibits much control, manipulation and causes a person to easily lie and drives them to dominate more than any other spirit. It especially attacks those that the Lord has a strong calling on and who could become greatly anointed once completely set free from all the oppressing spirits.  Many will become extremely anointed especially that have endured the worst conditions as a child as the enemy wanted to destroy and control, never allowing its victim to become set free and know what has been haunting them for a lifetime.

How does this spirit gain entry into a person? Through the years of pain, rejection, control, anger and possible abuse from the person’s father (and sometimes mother) this extreme hurt opens a door to the enemy to come in and have a right to afflict them for the rest of their life until they recognize it and later command the spirits to go.  They essentially become like the evil spirit as it takes over their minds instead of who they really are in Christ as the anger, pride, control, manipulation, and deceit spirits are the behaviors that become them. They are usually able to control their actions so that many times only their spouse or children see the dark side of them because they have no place to hide from its wrath.  They want to take out all their pain on someone so they usually select the person(s) that represent the person that gave them the most pain.

They can also behave that way to a select few that stand in their way at church or in ministry.  It is a sad state of affairs for the tormented person and even more so for their spouse who endures the brunt of that spirit every day behind closed doors (and their children and potentially others in their lives).  It is as if they are wearing a mask in front of those in the church/ministry as they try to act like they love, are kind and caring while the spirit inside them wants nothing more than to destroy God’s anointed people in an undetectable way.  Again remember that if you were not hurt as strongly by your father (and mother) then you may just have a small effect of the spirit upon you whereas if you were greatly hurt by both parents then you could have the full force of this spirit operating in your life which will explain all of the relationships that have failed over your lifetime.  What is the spirit that encompasses all of these behaviors and treats their loved ones with such fierce control?

It is called the Jezebel spirit – which is the spirit that comes against an anointed person (especially those that flow in the prophetic gifting) and is the most difficult spirit from which to become freed.  Why is Jezebel so tightly bound to its victim?  The Jezebel afflicted person is the only one that has the power to command the spirit to go once and for all from their own life since they have a free will to choose if they want to keep it or not.  So, if you are being attacked by Jezebel, count it as a badge of honor. You could be a very anointed person that the enemy wants to keep afflicted so that you cannot be totally free to operate in the extreme level of anointing that the Lord has called you to. You are destined to help others become free as well.

Jezebel means the un-husbanded (or un-wifed if you are a man that has it) and is a counterfeit Holy Spirit – meaning that you will act like you are loving and kind and being directed by the Lord most of the time but instead of being pure and Godly you behave contrary to the Holy Spirit. Jezebel will attack behind closed doors with your spouse and children or co-workers and will usually be quite active within your church/ministry as the spirit wants power, control and recognition and pushes for connection with leadership, pastors and key influencers, trying to work their way into acquiring more power and prestige.  Jezebel comes against the true Holy Spirit operating in others’ lives. If married to a gifted prophetic spouse who may be operating in the Spirit of Elijah, Jezebel will try to limit that spouses’ ability to use their gifts of the spirit and ultimately shut them down.

Those that are anointed with the spirit of Elijah will always have to overcome the spirit of Jezebel sometime in their lives. Life can become especially grievous for them if that person happens to be their spouse whom they love greatly yet now is their primary enemy.  On one hand they want to honor their spouse and live in unity of spirit with them, but can Elijah live in unity and tolerate Jezebel?  Unfortunately the answer to that question is no.  There is a constant battle going on in the marriage that is a continual state of strife that can feel unbearable to endure for yet one more day. The situation grows continually worse for the victim after enduring years of control, manipulation and deceit.  The spouse feels hopeless after years of battling the person who is supposed to be their loving spouse.

It can feel as if they are dealing directly with Jezebel as the words that are spoken to them by the enemy cut them to the core.  In most cases those that are suffering with Jezebel is extremely anointed once completely set free and will experience a great breakthrough in their circumstances and in ministry. Jezebel is evil and wicked to the core causing the afflicted person to behave opposite of a true Christian and will do everything it can to maintain control so that neither spouse will reach the potential that God has for them.

The Jezebel afflicted person has probably experienced a tremendous amount of strife with their spouse(s) and children yet will claim very little if any responsibility for it by placing most of the blame on their controlled spouse saying “you never admit to sharing in the responsibility for the strife in our marriage.”  In reality the responsibility of all strife within the relationship falls squarely upon the Jezebel controlled person. Yet most counselors would side with the Jezebel controlled person’s explanation of the strife being their spouse because Jezebel knows how to sell it so well. The counselors will typically agree that “both spouses should take their fair share of the blame as everyone knows that all relationships are 50/50 in blame.” as one ignorant pastor explained who actually had Jezebel himself.

This is just not the case when it involves the Jezebel spirit. Jezebel seeks to marry a compliant, meek and loving person who is easy to control and dominate, thus they cause the lion’s share of strife in the marriage. Control is often exerted by threats over many years if they ever tell anyone how they have been abusive and controlling over their spouse.

Keep in mind we are talking about the Jezebel spirit in a person who could be very loving and kind to everyone else in the world yet will destroy their own spouse or children due to hearing the voices of the enemy.  Also remember that most of the people that have the Jezebel spirit at a strong level are usually going to be extremely anointed by the Lord as soon as they recognize that they have that spirit affecting them and no longer want it and effectively command it to go.  Many will be blessed with amazingly impactful ministries that will save thousands upon thousands of lives for Christ once Jezebel’s victim is set free.

18 Replies to “How does the Jezebel spirit torment people?”

  • Very well researched, written & conveyed. This was my marriage for 20 years. I was seeking the Lord throughout what I’d later find out were years of adultery from my husband. I never knew anything about a jezebel spirit back then. My husband’s father is abusive, parents divorced when he was 8 (leaving him eldest & “man of the house” over 3 younger siblings, which of course goes sideways, as his mom treated him both like a son & (non-sexually) like a husband, making him responsible for many household things, his siblings & worst, she’d cry & spew her hatred for his father who left them, which is inappropriate for any child emotionally to take on from a parent. You write this article in such an understandable way & though I have reasoned through so much in retrospect, your words helped put the pieces together even more. Truly, my husband had a huge transformation after he actively cast out ALL his sins, specifically & in detail & invited in the fruits of the Spirit to replace each one. I had a picture of him with all the different women he finally confessed he’d been with & I saw the jezebel spirit- a dark-haired svelte, beautiful mesmerizing woman who, once she was on him, turned into a witch of sorts, acting disgusting over him, & him, too far engaged into it to stop or think he could. This imagery broke my heart but gave me wisdom & insight into what really went on, unbenounced to me for over a decade, while I was seeking the Lord voraciously in a women’s bible study, having & raising our 4 children & growing in wisdom & relationship with the Holy Spirit. I asked God why He let all this happen, why He didn’t stop it, how, during those years,I’d pray, lying prone on the floor, my face in a puddle of tears, begging the Lord to change my husband, to save me & the kids from the mental & verbal & emotional daily abuse, and years went by without reprieve it seemed. Then the Lord opened up my mind to remember & see all the women He surrounded me with, through church, the Bible study, how He’d taken me to mountaintops, streams & beautiful places & built me up from the inside on His Word, which cannot be taken from me-that though I groaned & felt abandoned, I wasn’t. He showed me His presence alongside me, actively with me, all along. Now, as you so profoundly wrote, that after the jezebel Spirit is kicked out, my husband has incredible faith, leads our family with a peaceable spirit, endeavors more and more to know Jesus deeply & leads our 2 teenage sons & 2 older daughters in Truth. Though I have scars and deep deep wounds & bruises that are permanent, though at times (even today reading Proverbs 7) when those wounds are pressed, the pain is still there, I cannot deny that I have had a front row seat to exactly what Jesus’ death, sacrifice & purpose was on the cross. I have seen a man transformed. I have witnessed evil in a man’s heart be cast out and a new Spirit come in, renewing a right spirit, changing a heart of stone to one of flesh, a renewal of the mind, in my husband. It’s not all rosy though. What I didn’t know on the onset of his renewal and rebirth into the anointed person the Lord always meant for my husband to be, was that the jezebel spirit, as you wrote, as long as we are on this side of Jesus’ return & new heaven/new earth, will always be in contention with us as Believers. That I’d have to actively forgive daily, that it’s very easy to slip into sin of self condemnation, shame, anger, revenge, that it’s an ongoing battle to choose Love, Forgiveness & Hope. And now it makes more sense, knowing that I have had all along an Elijah spirit on me. Not that I’m without sin of course. I’m a train wreck every day – all glory to God for His ability to guard, guide, & clean up the mess that I am. But I have known I’m the apple of His eye since I was little. Being adopted, I have rejection and abandonment issues, but at my core, I’ve known I am loved by a heavenly Force, with a high calling (though I don’t think I’ve stepped into it yet, because I tend to measure things by earthy rewards systems & of course we know, this is not the scale God uses). I have had many prophetic images, directions, and messages given to me for specific understanding and purposes, even when I was little. So reading the part you wrote about how a person with the spirit of jezebel picks his/her spouse based on the tendency for that person to be loving, meek, compassionate & have a spirit of Elijah on him/her, well… then it all made sense. Because frankly, the latest struggle for me (the battle in my mind) after 27 years of marriage is “why’d I marry him in the first place?” and wishing I hadn’t. It’s just another way for the enemy to try and cause divorce. But your article actually gives good reason then as to why we ended up together. And, above all, recognizing that though we live in the flesh & tangible, this life is really all spiritual, all the time.
    So, thank you for writing this & giving a safe space for people like me to share & hopefully affirm your efforts in writing this, as well as to let others know they aren’t alone, there is Hope, and God will provide a way – and, giving all glory to God for His work through & for us, for His glory. Thank you again. Be blessed.

    • It is truly amazing when we understand what is at the root issue of our spouses and why they treat us badly. Praying for you.

  • I used to believe in this kind of stuff anymore. I wake up a lot days having to deal with reoccurring memories of certain certain situations that I guess I believe were not just dealings.
    I started going to church in 2000 or 2001, after another weekend of black out drinking and having a possible memory of being in the back of a police car, but waking up at home.
    Eventually, after a few years,me and the person that I started going to church with started butting heads. I don’t have everything right and I’ve done a lot of unwise things that have been used against. If you want someone that’s going to “mind” you and take all of the blame/responsibility, I’m not someone that’s going to…. and there was a very heavy focus on making me mind and be accountable….
    Years later, after much drama, relapse, and humiliation, I was going to a different church where the pastor and his wife told me that the church I started out at was one with a “spirit of control”… I didn’t handle that well… and let my bitterness lose. I started out as someone timid that could be walked all over, people could exploit and deflate, and eventually I popped… another thing to use against me…long stories.
    I’ve struggled to believe in cursing and witchcraft, but finally went through some things that convinced me other wise
    I’ve been trying to find out how much is me, others, if accountability in church is actually one way, how much is really attacks, and not really wanting to hear from God on an intimate level or obey.

  • I think I’m a narcissist I have MANY qualities and it seems like it’s getting worse through the years I’m only 20 so I can’t imagine how I could be years from now. I don’t know what to do I feel so trapped I think it might run in my family or something. Please help me I don’t know what to do I’ve tried to stop and repent but it’s sooo difficult. I repented then minutes later I manipulated a family member for NO REASON! I didn’t want to but I did I don’t know how to explain it. Where do I start with getting rid of this?! Please help and pray for me!

  • Great article! I’ve experienced Jezebel through a woman at a church I use to attend. She called herself a prophetess. Then she wanted to be called Dr. So and so. Her and her husband were the classic Jezebel and Ahab. This was my first church experience. I was a baby in Christ and I drank the koolaid. It was very cultish. She was very controlling, manipulating, intimidating, and etc. She embraced my ex-husband, but she didn’t like me. Come to find out, when we left the church, he revealed to me that she once pulled him aside and told him that I had an evil spirit and that this evil spirit was out to destroy the call on his life. Basically giving him the okay to divorce me. After leaving the church, I thought we would be free from her evil grip. Little did I know or realize until recently that, that same spirit was operating through my ex-husband. After leaving the church, we backslid. He was carrying on with a secret life; lying, cheating, gossiping about me to his family and other women he was talking to. Constantly criticised me, belittled me, humiliated me, just totally hateful towards me. I couldn’t understand why. He knew so much Word. He encouraged others well. But when it came to me and our oldest son, he was just so mean. Our marriage ended in divorce. I couldn’t make sense of it. For years I’ve been lost in a fog. I began drinking heavily. I couldnt understand why I couldn’t overcome this problem. I would have nightmares, sleep paralysis, frequently. I would dream of trying to cast out a demon, but the demon would over power me and I couldnt say the name of Jesus. At one point I got so sick, I dropped 30 pounds in no time. I was weak and fatigued. Doctors ran all types of tests but couldn’t explain what it was. My life just kept spiraling downward. I would cry out to God, but I just kept making bad choices which would result in bad things happening. I knew this was not what my life was suppose to be. Me and my ex-husband tried to reconcile, but I could still feel something just wasn’t right. I couldn’t stay with him. I feel like I’ve lost so many years being stuck in a rut. I just turned 40 and have nothing to show for. It wasn’t until recently that I finally realized that I’ve been under attack by the Jezebel spirit. All the pain I experienced led to unforgiveness and bitterness which opened the door for all those evil spirits. It kept me bound in sin. It’s been a long, painful14 years. I’m just thankful that the Lord opened my eyes so I can be delivered. I have 3 children. 2 boys, 1 girl. My daughter, she’s 18. She’s very close to my ex-husband, her dad. She praises him on social media and to everyone else. She does as her dad would do to me, belittles me, speaks to me very disrepectfully, doesnt say I love you. This past Mother’s Day is the second Mother’s Day that she didn’t talk to me because was mad at me. Father’s Day she goes all out. It’s very hurtful. I don’t know quite how to handle it. How do I pray for her? I feel like she’s being influenced by the Jezebel spirit. They both go to church every Sunday. My heart breaks for them both. If I try to tell them they need deliverance, they will verbally rip me to pieces. How do I deal with a situation like this?

    • If your daughter would watch some of my You Tube Deliverance Sessions or testimonies she could learn the truth. It’s very hard for people to discern the truth about those who are higher level Jezebels as they are so good at acting kind and loving to those they want to be on their side and then horrible to their true victims. You can watch some of my daily teachings and testimonies and deliverance sessions at YouTube.com/nelsonschuman67

  • I do believe that Hillary “Jezebel” Clinton and her serial-rapist husband William “The Serial Rapist” Clinton are America’s top candidates for the title of “Owned By Jezebel”!

  • have you ever known a case where a jezebel spirit went from one partner to the other?

    • It usually is not transferable – most people who have it will develop it during their growing up years through pains and hurts. Typically people with the spirit of Jezebel will marry people who operate in the spirit of Ahab. Ahabs tolerate people with Jezebel and live with compromised Christian values. Although some people do operate in both Jezebel and Ahab – they will usually default to one more than the other.

    • We need to take away Jezebel’s legal rights to torment us by truly forgiving everyone who has hurt us, repent for our own pride and sin and then we can command Jezebel and other demons to go.

  • i have left several churches because of horrific demonic attacks.
    One church I atteneded, a new girl came in, seduced the pastors son who then gave her a place of leadership and she gave me death threats to leave the church. i eventually stepped down from ministry and left. she tore the entire church apart.

    i had another girl pretend to be my best friend and she nearly killed me. then followed me to my church and pushed her way up front, lied about me to everyone, and I had to leave after putting more years into that ministry.

    My family also has this spirit. They are very manipulative. . .very controlling and very mean. But to the outside world, they are all so sweet, loving and kind. No one can see through them. But they have murder inside their hearts. they have nearly murdered me so many times. . . it is only the grace of God I have survived it. But, they think they are all christians.
    Then, I go to the church, and get it there too. Women sleeping around, or spreading vicious gossip, Ive had everything thrown at me. I am tired. My life has been destroyed by these manipulative people.
    I hardly attend church anymore, even before the lockdowns, because of the betrayal and abuse from these jezebels in the family and in the church. wow, do they ever play the goodie-two-shoes in front of others though.

  • Good Afternoon Pastor Nelson, I’m from the Philippines and 28 years old. I ruined my relationship to my Christian girlfriend because I think this is the reason, I am under influenced by the spirit of Jezebel. I am single for about 10 years and dedicate my life to Jesus but when I commit into our relationship everything was changed. I became possessive with her, and forget everything I’ve learned with regards to the principle of godly relationship. Please help, I don’t know how will I move on because I am still oppressed by fear, guilt, shame, self condemnation and regrets. Please.

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