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What are the telltale signs if someone is operating in the Jezebel / Leviathan spirits

There is often a misconception of someone that is operating in the Jezebel spirit.  Many believe that the person is only a woman and is very sexually seductive.  While some that are afflicted by that spirit are very overtly driven by their sexuality in order to gain power over a man in ministry, there are far more that are operating in the spirit in a much more subtle, less obvious way.  And while the Jezebel spirit affects a higher percentage of women than men, men also operate in it as well and are just as deceptive and their verbal assaults are even more intimidating.

A person that is tormented by the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits typically grow up with the lack of true, unconditional love from their fathers.  They can also have an extremely controlling and manipulative mother.  Usually their fathers are busy, therefore do not spend much time with them, are controlling, critical and their child does not feel like they can just be themselves around them.  In the more extreme cases – their fathers are emotionally harsh, and can even be physically or sexually abusive.

So if you or someone you know are being affected by the Jezebel spirit, what kind of behavior will you typically exhibit?

  • Fearful, anxiety, no peace in life
  • Feeling compelled to control others, manipulative, in order to get own way
  • Trail of broken relationships (in marriage, work and ministry/church)
  • Usually have a sexual side of you that is not pure and can be self serving
  • Deceitful and not totally honest when you are talking to others about yourself or others
  • If married to a godly person who is involved in the church, will often try to obstruct them in serving the Lord, especially if your spouse is prophetic

People that operate in the Jezebel spirit will usually also operate in the Leviathan spirit (Job 41).  Leviathan causes people to:

  • Have a strong spirit of pride and arrogance (you feel that you should have the best of everything, people should serve you, you try to become best friends with people of influence – especially leaders in a church or ministry)
  • Twist the truth (when you talk to others you will lie and deceive them about things that you have done that are wrong or sinful, you will also twist things in your own mind when others are talking to you)
  • You will wear out others verbally that you engage in conversation – speaking in circles,  and will shift the blame from yourself to your spouse or others
  • Often have physical pains in your body that prayer will not heal (back & neck pain, incomnia, fall asleep when trying to read or listen to the word, even could receive Fibromyalgia or cancer)

So while those that operate in the Jezebel and Leviathan spirits will never be at peace and cause others to do what they want, the majority of the people that have these spirits do so in a more subtle way.  They are not trying to seduce people sexually in an overt way.  They simply cause a lot of confusion, obstruction and strife in marriages, ministries and churches.

How to get set free?  To recognize you may be operating in it, to repent from it and command the spirits to be gone from you.  Many have read my book Restored to Freedom and gotten freed instantly after reading the powerful renunciation prayers.  Some have done personal ministry sessions with me over Facebook Messenger Video chat.  And thousands around the world are watching my Worldwide Deliverance Sessions on Facebook LIVE and then sharing the sessions on their Facebook Timelines and then the Holy Spirit draws their friends to watch it later.  God is on the move and He wants His people to be free, pure and righteous before Him.  But only you can decide if you truly want to be honest and set free.  It is time.

12 Replies to “What are the telltale signs if someone is operating in the Jezebel / Leviathan spirits”

  • I’m curious how you came to the conclusion that this spirit mostly effects women. Most leaders I have spoken to that have dealt with this spirit in their church have said it was men that were operating under it. I lm also curious as to why you think this spirit has so much to do with sexuality and perversion. I’ve read and heard often that seduction and sexual activity is not a major part of this spirit, but a mischaracterization of how this spirit operates. Just wondering where you’re getting your information from.

    • Hello Annie. I get my conclusion from personally ministering to thousands of people around the world, from personal experience and from the Lord. There are about a 3 to 1 ratio with women that operate in it then men. Women’s hearts are meant to be cared for gently and lovingly and cannot take the harshness or rejection from fathers who do not love them unconditionally as much as men are able to. Yes I pointed out in my blog that sexuality is not often overt. However, it is definitely always perverted with people who struggle with the Jezebel spirit. Either they use sex to control their spouses in order to get their own way, or they want sex in perverted ways (fantasy, etc) and is always selfish. I minister to thousands of people each month that have the Jezebel and Leviathan spirit (and Ahab) and thus have written a book that has seen more people getting freed from it than most others. Restored to Freedom is the name of my book and you can purchase it from Amazon. I also minister in churches / conferences / events around the world and have mass deliverances helping marriages to be saved, healed and restored and ministries / churches to be purified.

  • Hello, Would you please guide us to some prayers to follow to denounce the Jezebel and/or Laviathon spirit? Thanks

  • I can truly say that I have been to Hell and back with these spirits.They r so real everything u talk about and more with this spirit.I thk God for me not loose my mind.Thk u Jesus.BUT GOD.

  • I’m so glad to read your post, and find your materials. I have been married to such a one for 40 yrs. I’ve known for a good while the issue is Leviathan. The Lord revealed it to me. I’ve done my best, by God’s grace, to walk in love and respect, in humility and gentleness, to be quiet when I need to, pray alot in tongues, and focus on the Lord Jesus. He has healed my heart and has delivered me of my own demons, because He is good. Its what He loves to do. I do have a question though. I am curious, I occasionally have dreams and pictures/short visions, and have heard His clear voice many times in my almost 50 yrs. of walking with Him. But never the daily voice, that beautiful daily silent whisper….and I so long for this. At times the silence is deafening. My question: Does living around this spirit ever cause those in close proximity to be effected in their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit? Thank you, I’ve wanted to ask that question for a long time.

    • Living with a person who has demons will affect you negatively. You will be able to sense it and feel it in your spirit.

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