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Think about where your thoughts are coming from

Have you ever thought about…..where your thoughts are coming from?  Most people don’t.  They simply assume that all their thoughts….are their own thoughts.  When in reality our thoughts come from three places.  Our own, the enemy’s and the Holy Spirit or the Lord.  Most people in this world do not hear from the Holy Spirit so their thoughts either come from their own or the enemy’s.  But many who attend church and call themselves Christians also hear from the enemy, much more than they would think.  If you are walking in anxiety and fear much of the time in your life, then you are hearing from the enemy on a regular basis.  If you are angry and take an offense easily, then you are hearing the enemy whisper to you.  If you feel rejected constantly, then the enemy is talking to you.

Think about it….you hear a thought that goes like this “Your husband does not love you like you deserve…..he is the reason why you don’t feel loved….he argues with you all the time…..you deserve someone better….you need to divorce him and find someone who will cherish your heart and treat you like you deserve….your husband is the reason why you feel so lonely and angry…..divorce him and find your true happiness.”  That was the enemy’s thoughts and not your own…and certainly not the Holy Spirit.  But so many do not discern where their thoughts are coming from and think that they are their own thoughts.  Any thought that does not bring you peace is from the enemy.  It is that simple.  So many people get into FEAR (false evidence appearing real) and hear the enemy whispering to them “this could happen, if you don’t do that then something bad will happen, that person probably said this about you and you cannot trust them…..if you don’t get that job you will become homeless…” and so forth and so on.

Until we stop and think about where our thoughts are coming from on a daily basis and then silence the voice of the enemy….we will be driven by the enemy and never be able to walk in the fullness of peace that the Bible talks about.  Philippians 4:6-7 states “6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hears and minds through Christ Jesus.”

So what do you do when you start to discern where your thoughts are coming from and those that come from the enemy?  As soon as you know that the voice inside your head is coming from the enemy….you shut him down immediately.  I can discern within a few words when the enemy is speaking to me and i stop him in his tracks.  I literally will force myself to think about what is true, noble, just, pure, lovely and of good report (Phil 4:8).  If the thought comes in from the enemy, then it may start out being good but as soon as it turns to something that could get me into fear or anger….I stop him and redirect my thoughts.  If you let yourself go down the road to hear the entire sentence…then you will lose your peace and get into fear or anger or feel rejected, etc.  Then you are now on the enemy’s territory and you will not be at peace anymore.  If you have heard the enemy’s voice for a lifetime, as many have, then you could have multiple broken relationships because you are sabotaging your own relationships being driven by the enemy.

There are many people who grew up with parents that did not love them unconditionally.  They heard voices in their head that were not their own thoughts but the enemy’s.  The voice told them that they were not loved nor wanted.  That they could not trust their father or mother.  That they needed to control all their circumstances because they could trust no one to protect them.  Then when they entered relationships with other people they continued to hear those voices and were driven out of fear and insecurity to feel that they needed to control their spouses.  Many also were driven to lustful thoughts that were not pure which caused them to believe that they needed to have other women (or men) satisfy them sexually in impure ways such as pornography or to fornicate.  They felt compelled…because a demonic spirit was whispering to them.  Many of them have the Jezebel spirit which will dominate their behavior until they admit the truth of how they have behaved behind closed doors or in private and then recognize it was the Jezebel spirit and no longer want it and command it out of themselves.

Once we recognize that the enemy has been behind all our various thoughts that have driven us out of fear or anger and then take our spiritual authority to command the enemy to go….then we can finally live a peace filled life.  Praying in tongues is a big part of walking out a life full of peace.  When you pray in tongues you cannot hear the enemy speaking to you.  It also builds up your spiritual man (or woman) to become stronger over your fleshly desires.  But if a demonic spirit has a legal right to coexist within you, then you need to recognize why it has a right to you (could be a generational curse, sexual trauma, sin that you willingly chose to do, etc) and then repent and renounce and then command the spirit to go from you.  Then you can operate out of a more peaceful life….while also allowing your mindsets of the past to heal towards the living in peace for your future.

There is nothing like living in peace 24/7 when you are not driven by the constant barrage of enemy fire thoughts.  You can actually then live in harmony, love, joy and peace with your husband or wife instead of viewing them as the enemy.  I wrote a book called Keep Your Peace On – which helps people do exactly that.  How to recognize when the enemy is whispering to you and how to take your spiritual authority to get the enemy to stop and to walk in your peace at all times.  Keep your peace on!

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