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The seeds you sow today will cause you to reap a harvest in your future of good or bad fruit

Have you ever wondered when a person wrongs you over and over why they do not seem to be corrected by the Lord?  When a person lies about you to others and causes them to turn away from you when you have done nothing of what they have spoken, how does that make you feel when they seem to be able to continue in their ways?  We all know people at church or ministries who do not have the love of the Lord in their hearts.  We also know people who are in positions of leadership and power who wield it in an ungodly way to make themselves look good while hurting those under them.

So why does it appear that they get away with it and are not corrected by the Lord?  Why do people who do bad things continue to keep their positions in the church, at work or in your relationships? Well…..you need to take a look at the big picture as God sees it.  God knows what He is doing.  Sometimes these people doing bad things will change, repent and become very godly and pure in the future (i.e. Paul in the Bible, Todd White of today, etc.).  Sometimes these people will not change and you do not see what their lives become years down the road.

It is important to understand that the Lord is ultimately in control and when people who are hurting other people seemingly “getting away with it” for years, does not mean that eventually the Lord will correct them.  We must not focus on the hear and now solely in a person’s life.  We must trust in the Lord that if they are operating in a spirit of Jezebel (control, manipulation, anger, selfishness, ungodly sexual desires, etc) that they will someday have their day in court.  God wants none to perish because He truly loves them. But He definitely is not pleased with those operating in the spirit of Jezebel.  Jesus was not pleased with the Pharisees as He knew their evil hearts.

Sometimes the people who are hurting others will finally come to a full repentance when they hear the truth (as thousands around the world have down when learning about my ministry and understanding why they are operating in Jezebel and then coming to a humble state before the Lord).  While others want to continue to operate in the spirit of pride (Leviathan) and then once they have been made aware of their sinful ways, if they will not turn and repent, then the Lord will get involved.

We have knowns of cases where people have died when they refused to repent from operating in the spirit of Jezebel (32 yr old pastor’s wife from Ohio just 30 days after she was confronted by family and church leaders, woman in New Zealand just seconds after she was confronted by her family).  We know of a pastor from Indianapolis who lost a church of 200 within a year due to his unrepentant heart after being confronted.  So it is happening and will continue to happen.  The Lord does not want to do these extreme measures but will in order to stop them from hurting His people.

But we have also seen where people who have been confronted through my ministry have finally had the scales removed from their eyes upon hearing the word of my testimony.  So many people around the world are now coming forward sharing that they have had their lives changed, marriages saved and ministries purified.  They can hear from the Lord more clearly than ever.  And now they are being blessed by the Lord.  It is hard to endure people who you know have harmed you and operating in a sinful and impure heart that is full of envy, control and manipulation.  But ultimately God knows if they are going to change or not.  We need to leave the final judgment up to God and continue to go about walking in purity, love and humility.  Yes it is hard to continue to be taken advantage of, lied about, and hurt over and over and not take up an offense against someone.  We must never take an offense, although it doesn’t mean we purposefully allow ourselves to be taken advantage of forever.

Eventually the Lord will correct people if they continue to choose to willfully sin.  Never confuse God’s unconditional love for his condoning of your actions that are contrary to His word.  There will be consequences for choosing to willfully sin once you are aware that what you are doing is not acceptable to  the Lord. And do not expect to be blessed with favor from the Lord if you are hurting His people.  You must choose to forgive all those that have hurt you, then repent for anything you have done to hurt others, and then command any enemy spirits that have had a legal right to torment you to go from you in Jesus name.

There is much truth with the saying “What goes around, comes around” meaning that if you choose to be mean to other people, that eventually you will be corrected in the same manner.  So trust the Lord with all those in your life who are seemingly “getting away with it” as the Lord sees what everyone is doing behind closed doors.  When you sow good seeds today, you will reap a great harvest in the future (and it could take years later).  The same principle applies when you sow bad seeds.  Eventually there will be a reckoning day and the Lord will correct you.  So choose life and love one another as you know the Lord will have you do.

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  • Question: have discussion about this in home bible study, knowing God is merciful, righteous and just, do you think someone with a genuine heartfelt repented heart , God could allow the individual to reap some but may be merciful and hold back the totality of reaping

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