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There are over 1.4 million witches who attend church in America every week. They look like you and me so are very hard to discern who is of the Lord and who is of Satan. They want to pray for you, lay their hands on you and know all the correct religious lingo to say. Some astral project into your homes so they can learn intimate details of your life and later tell you that the “Holy Spirit” showed them things about you to then cause you to think they are extremely in tune with the Lord. So how can you tell if someone is of Satan and not the Lord?

Church Witch Characteristics:

– They act very religious and superior in spirituality and knowledge like they are the only ones who hear unique revelation from God
– When they first connect with someone they will act very loving and kind but over time will demand you do what they say and want you to come to them for help and no one else and tell you if you don’t do what they say then you are disobeying, they speak words of condemnation over you
– They act like they know everything, are harsh and abrasive, prideful (yet try to appear humble), more masculine attitude, not gentle or soft, appear to be sexually pure yet behind closed doors are not- They act like they know everything, are harsh and abrasive, prideful (yet try to appear humble), more masculine, not gentle or soft, appear to be sexually pure yet behind closed doors are not
– They have often suffered emotional, physical or sexual abuse as a child (including Satanic Ritual Abuse) which gives demons legal rights to torment them due to their anger and bitterness as they have never been able to forgive those who hurt them and want to pay back others for their pain
– They crave attention, adulation and praise as it feeds their pride
– Are rebellious to God and will never submit to a godly person or pastor
– Will manipulate people / social media to gain the favor of men and women and not wait for the Holy Spirit to connect and promote them in His timing
– Act like they are humble but it’s a false humility as they are really very prideful yet try to hide it
– Very selfish / constant self promotion / false compassion
– Take advantage of people who have mercy hearts and frequently ask for money / donations, favors and gifts.
– Will give you jewelry, paintings, books, objects that when you receive and keep will give them legal rights to curse you
– They prey upon people who have been deeply hurt who are looking for a true friend to help them because they know they are vulnerable
– Their own ministry is more about helping themselves than it is helping others
– People usually feel worse physically and emotionally after ministry with them over time
– People who do ministry with them can often get attacked by demonic spirits when they try to sleep. Will often times warn their followers that if the enemy attacks them to contact them and they will pray to stop the attacks. What they actually do is curse the person and when the person contacts them they stop cursing them and the person feels better drawing the person to rely on them.
– They have very strange behaviors and you can usually sense (have a check in your spirit) that they are not normal or pure
– When they laugh it often sounds like a witch-like cackle
– Often times act like they are slain in the spirit or shake their head a lot and jerk a lot, act like drunk in the spirit but you can sense it is not of the Lord but would make you feel like it is and you better do what they are doing or you aren’t godly. This is the Kundalini spirit manifesting in them and not the Holy Spirit.
– Pray in tongues that sound very strange / demonic
– Some of their Prophetic words come to pass and words of knowledge are true but often many are not correct
– They do not like to be questioned or corrected by anyone as they believe they are superior to everyone else.
– Anyone who comes against them will be labeled that they are not of God and that they are getting spiritually attacked
– If you know the Lord is telling you to pull away from them they will try to make you feel guilty and say “you must not want the things of God, you hate the Bible, you don’t want to obey God”
– Know the Bible scriptures very well but twist the scriptures to suit their purpose to control people
– Have double standards for them or their family members versus you (they can justify lenient rules for them versus strict rules for their victims)
– Your stomach will feel queasy or nauseous when you are around them or your ears will stop up or ring and you will feel dizzy like the room or car is spinning if they are cursing you with witchcraft.
– They talk about having special powers (ability to travel around the world at will, super human strength, etc) that they possess which are demonic but they call it “Holy Spirit”
– If you don’t do what they say then they will declare curses and spells over you causing nausea, tiredness, headaches, back pain, pin pricks, pains in the body, ears stopping up, ringing in ears, dizziness and some could be deadly over time (strokes, etc)
– Obsessed about dark topics / slaying dragons / dark lords / laced with anger and violence / death / killing
– Very controlling, manipulative and must be in charge of everything or have others obey their requests
– Talk about traveling to other people’s homes and listening to their conversations saying Holy Spirit showed them (in reality they are Astral Projecting to listen and watch you in your home) – you may see them as they astral project in your room as you can see a static figure of them
– Often take salt baths due to feeling pain from astral projecting
– Talk about traveling into peoples souls so they can tell you what you need to do to have a “better” life
– Will lie to people saying they were on staff or had leadership positions at other churches in their past as a prophet of the house, etc and act like they were a victim when those churches kicked them out for doing witchcraft – most will believe their lies as they rarely do background checks
– Once they are uncovered for operating in witchcraft will be kicked out of many of their past churches and then often start up their own teachings on Facebook / You Tube or hold meetings in their homes to unsuspecting people
– Will join hundreds of Facebook groups and share their own FB LIVE videos with the groups in order to make themselves appear more popular in the eyes of people by getting more people viewing them
– Will often interview men on Facebook more than women and will target people of influence / prophetic ministries to make themselves appear important and in authority as they use them as pawns
– Their eyes will often turn dark / black when they minister around people as that is a sign of demonic manifestation
– Perform strange praise dancing or worship to draw attention to themselves. Over exaggerate getting slain in the spirit for show or shaking a lot in their head or bodies
– Lie about their own personal testimonies to make people feel sorry for them and embellish details dramatically claiming they were abused horribly by their spouse(s) when they were the ones who abused them horribly
– Have very few friends as most leave them after a few months due to their control, harshness, manipulation and darkness
– Teach things that seem “out there” and strange to make people think they are hearing things only God tells them
– Talk about traveling to heaven at will and meeting with God or people who have died in the past for special insight
– Poor to no relationships with their children yet want to tell you how to parent your children and want to be around your kids especially in private
– Often would be diagnosed having a Narcissist Personality Disorder as they are very prideful – self appoint themselves as a “prophetess” or “apostle”
– Drama queen when around other people and if they do ministry at a church they often are not invited back due to their “Prima Donna” status
– Often obsessed about pregnancies / birthing / impaling / killing / death / evil
– Usually get very upset if you touch them without their approval but will want to put their hands on you to pray over you often
– When they pray over you in public they are overly dramatic in their prayers and can push your head or chest backwards to try to make you get “slain in the spirit”
– Will attack truly anointed godly ministry leaders in order to hurt or shut down good ministries by lying about them to turn people away from them (Jezebel tells them to do this)
– Will try to have well respected ministry leaders to cover them spiritually to make them “look good and acceptable” to their public and try to “get in good” with other leaders but it cannot sustain very long as the truth comes out over time
– Cannot maintain healthy personal relationships – usually just a few months due to intense desire to control, manipulate and lie as the demons manifest through them to hurt those they are targeting
– Teach things that people have a hard time challenging because they act like they know everything and what they talk about is hard to refute (God told me this….)
– Has a temper if you don’t do what they tell you and will secretly curse you with vexes and spells to cause nausea, headaches, lethargy and worse
– Talk a lot about witches and warlocks and witchcraft so you won’t possibly think they could be a witch or warlock -yet will never tell you how to actually discern those who are witches or warlocks because it would expose themselves
– If married their husbands are very weak and “yes” men to everything they tell them to do (they marry Ahabs who give into them in whatever they want so they can avoid an argument) – Often are unmarried because the strong Jezebel spirit in them causes them to drive away spouses who don’t want to be controlled, manipulated and operate in wickedness
– Would be diagnosed with a strong Narcissistic Personality Disorder and sometimes Multiple Personality Disorder
– If they have an enemy that is exposing them that they are targeting to lie about and shut down and you still follow them on Facebook then they will put pressure on you to block them as they want you to hate them and have nothing to do with their enemies as they could be uncovered if you continue to follow them
– Will monitor you or have others in their circle monitor you via Facebook or other social media
– Fake the fruits of the spirit as they actually have lots of fruits of the flesh
– Use flattery to pull you in
– At times behave very chaotic, confusing, cannot focus, frustrated, distracted and blame it on witchcraft of others to them
– Will show up to calls and meetings whenever they want not concerned about the value of your time as they indicate “they do not have to adhere to the same timeframe as man as they hear from the Lord on His timing.”
– When they feel they are losing control of you, they will try to cause you to fear them and if you do not listen to them you don’t want what God wants for you, then they will try to turn others against you and curse you
– So the next time you are drawn to follow someone who operates in these characteristics ask the Lord / Holy Spirit to show you the truth and confirm it to you in a way that you will know that you know. You may have several checks in your spirit and “red flags” so do not quickly dismiss what you are discerning. It is time to discern at the highest level so as not to be fooled. Look at their fruit over time and talk to many people who have followed them to see if they also have had negative consequences with them.

Matthew 24:24 New King James Version (NKJV)
24 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

When you are spiritually clean and pure and not in sin witches curses cannot affect you:

“Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, So a curse without cause shall not alight.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭26:2‬

You can declare a divine restraining order against witches to protect yourself. Go to pages 7 and 8 attached here on my website:


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