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People who operate In the spirit of Jezebel (1 and 2 Kings, Revelation 2:18-23) have all been hurt and wounded as children and teenagers (often by a parent, relative or exposure to porn or sexually violated prior to age 18) and have not been able to truly forgive. The spirit causes them to behave similarly. To get delivered they need to be honest of their bad behavior, forgive all who hurt them, repent for their pride and sin and command the spirit out. To recognize the spirit in a person below are common traits:

Jezebel Spirit

– Controlling (the demonic voices tell them that their decisions are the best and they can’t trust you or others – they feel if they control other people then they will never be hurt again)
– Manipulative (they will guilt you to do what they want – you know if you don’t watch my child so I can go out to an event then I will have to leave them with my neighbor who is not a Christian and they could get hurt)
– Anxious / Fearful
– Very Jealous
– Plays the role of a victim to make you feel sorry for them
– Blames you for all of their irrational behavior as they hate to take responsibility for themselves
– Angry when you are happy
– Demanding
– Defiant
– Selfish
– Sexually impure & selfish and will control their spouse if they don’t do what they want through cutting them off
– Push their victims to have sex before marriage
– So either a lot of sex or none but never true intimacy and love
– Master Liar and half truths
– Desire for power and leadership
– Wants to shut down true Holy Spirit
– More dominant
– Little to no empathy for their victims
– Job instability
– Mock you and make fun of you, belittle you
– Intimidates / threatens
– Isolate you from family and friends so they can control you better
– Do not like to be inconvenienced
– Do not like to share
– Ruin holidays and birthdays and anniversaries
– Rebellious
– Suspicious of your intentions / paranoid
– Especially Critical / Judgmental
– Show contempt & disrespect
– Speak ambiguously so they can deny what they said or wanted and never take responsibility
– They can cuss at their victims in private while acting godly to the public as their image of appearing godly is everything
– They take offense easily / hypersensitive and offend people often
– They accuse you of doing what they actually do
– Will overtalk you so you can’t talk and talk for hours to wear you down so they will get their way
– Argue about petty things
– Rarely ever admit they are wrong or apologize
– Especially target leaders of ministries or churches to discredit and lie about them to hurt their ministries
– Compete with their own children
– Exaggerates everything
– Cannot stand it when plans change at the last minute because they cannot control
– Great at acting like they are the victim to get people to sympathize with them over their true victims and will use social media and have private conversations to gain support and get people to believe lies about their godly victim
– Talk often about exaggerated grandiose future plans that never happen
– Gossip and spread rumors against their victims
– They need constant validation because of their insecurities
– Will compete against their own spouse on most things to try to defeat them
– They act assured but are very insecure
– They act sweet and innocent but it’s fake as they are mean and bully their victims behind closed doors
– Cannot stand to be told no

– They feel like they are your personal policeman and will report on you if you don’t do what they think you should do
– Always have drama in their lives and blames others but want sympathy
– Demand you do whatever they tell you
– Loves to provoke people until they get them angry and then blame them when their victims can no longer stand it and say things back to them in exasperation
– Can’t stand it if other people love you more than them
– Craves attention and adoration
– Enjoy starting arguments as they never want anyone to have peace
– Will continue to repeat their version of a story over and over to convince people their lies are truth
– Women will pursue men aggressively
– Constant chatter from the enemy in their mind causing them to operate in fear
– Overly concerned with their physical appearance – in love with themselves – love to be adored and praised – women often wear a lot of makeup to seduce men to like them and get them to do what they want
– Very secretive to cover up their lies
– Hate to be rejected because they were often rejected when growing up
– Want you to spend lots of $ on them and believe they deserve the best. Often need $ and drains their victims of $
– Love to portray their lives on social media as perfect but also try to get sympathy from people so they can get people to feel sorry for them and give them $
– They tell you to do something but get mad at you when you don’t to it exactly as they would and then will always change up what they said to make sure they can criticize you
– Those who are in relationship with them often feel sick to their stomach as they have to walk on eggshells around them to keep the peace and they can develop other sicknesses and diseases including cancer
– Target their victims for months by seeing your likes and dislikes on social media and then portray themselves to be that person you want to draw you in – but once married you discover they are entirely different
– Unable to truly love
– Enjoy playing mind games and stringing you along playing on your heart strings and mercy heart
– Once they can no longer control you will discard you
– Will isolate you so you won’t be able to have other people detect their dark behavior so no one will listen to your cries for help
– Have many secret private conversations with people to lie about you and try to destroy your reputation to turn them against you
– Do not want you to communicate with them using 3 way texts or messages with other people so they can’t be held accountable as to what they said as other people will be able to see what is going on
– Perfectionistic – but their decisions are not good
– They feel they are superior to the common man or woman’s issues. They are above having any issues within themselves. They are better than all others. When they see others having conflict and issues they look down upon them
– Betray you and very disloyal
– Will try and do a lot of things / works that appear good to the community or church but never have any real fruit of the spirit in their lives to those closest to them
– If they are a man then they will often shake your hand in an unusually painful way (tightly) to show you they are in control (due to their insecurity)
– Want to stop you from ever speaking about the evil they do yet will spread rumors and lies about you to as many people as possible to cause people to think you are bad to turn them against you and control you
– Nothing you can do will please them and you will never have peace if you are in a relationship with them
– Accuse their victims of being a narcissist over and over on social media and in secret conversations with others
– Wants you to submit to them instead of God – this is idolatry Will act like they are anointed of God but they have no anointing
– Love their titles (prophet, pastor, apostle, etc) which they often purchase online or are self appointed
– Can have people they idolize who represent ungodly behavior (sexual movie stars, singers, etc)
– Love to be the center of attention and post a lot of selfies on social media
– If they are a woman they will not submit to a godly husband – if they are a man then they will be overly controlling of their wife
– Prey upon the mercy hearts of others
– Never submit themselves to anyone in authority to be accountable

To get delivered from the spirit of Jezebel requires forgiving those who hurt us, repentance for pride and sin and commanding the demons out. My book Freedom From Soul Wounds and Demons helps with that process and can be ordered from Amazon in paperback, Kindle and Audible here https://a.co/d/hryrNTP


  • i am trying to break soul ties from my mother. she has injected new spells tiying me to people i have just met and created a blueprint of my life in the spiritualm. her demons have just blocked me from entering a good paying job and tied me someone else who will not give me a paying job.
    please help?

  • i did not know that a soul tie is a thing of a nightmare. my mother has tied herself and the her snake to me.
    this is to make sure i do not remarry, dont develop new relations, dont get employed, people must not trust/believe me and even worse dont get saved. they even make me attack the people God sends my way to help me. people being people get offended and refuse to help me afterwards. one person almost had me delivered and what was inside of me freaked me out. i think i panicked as a result deliverance was incomplete.
    one of the key demons belinging to my mother watch to make sure nothing that God sends my way materializes.
    how do you fight such a thing. sometimes i feel so helpless. i have began wondering, “God is more powrful than satan/the devil/witchcraft, how come is this not manifesting in my life – so far in my life it looks like my mother’s witchcraft is more powrful” i know this is not true.
    christians i also have seen are easily influenced by satan. at the end of a day, they are just normal people. i am sorry for ever expecting love from them. i dont know what my end would be like. but as far as i can see, if i dont break away from these soul ties, i sure am going to hell for all eternity. jesus christ has a right to choose if he will save me or not.

  • i must say i thank God for restored to freedom website. if it were not for them i would have never known about the deep dangers of soul ties.
    the fist time i commented was last year 2022. my comment was about my mother making me burn 11 of my journals containing evidence of her demonic attacks towards me and my life plans to rebuild my life. then she influenced me to go and come back from King Williams Town to Pretoria. all of the witchcraft was set on my father’s surname Mabuya (come back – oroboros – a snake biting its tale).
    my former boss got a hold of this and i was fired for being too open and unprofessional.
    my mother has since kicked me out of her house and now am living with some christian family who has taken me in. i dont know how long will they keep me untill they too kick me out.
    anyway Jesus chriChrist st is able to overide all my mother and satan have done to me, and restore all. i dont know how the process would look like. but 8 look forward.

  • Wow I have learned a lot about myself Thank you Holy Spirit for revealing the truth about me and using this platform for me to renounce the jezebel spirit

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