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The average adult is tormented with 12,000 thoughts each day of which 80% are negative and 95% the same thoughts they had the day before according to a study in 2005 by the National Science Foundation. I’ve helped thousands around the world to get delivered from demons and they sound just like your own thoughts so you won’t recognize them. Most of those 12k thoughts are demonic and they tell you things like these:

“You are not good enough”

“You are too fat”, “You are ugly”

“You should drive your car into that tree and all your problems will be over”

“Everyone hates you”

“You made so many bad decisions”

“It’s all your fault”

“It’s all your spouses fault”

“Your boss doesn’t know anything and you could do much better” 

“You need to drink alcohol, you need to do drugs so you will feel good”

“You deserve to eat those cookies, ice cream or cakes”

“No one is sinless so God understands your sin and is fine with you because look at all the good things you do for others”

“You deserve to look at porn and masturbate as you have needs”

“If only your spouse would do what you tell them and then you would have peace”

“Your in laws are greedy and hate you”

“Your mom or dad don’t deserve any forgiveness”

“Don’t ever forgive your spouse for what they did”

“Every leader in the church is a false teacher, pastor or prophet”

“God hates divorce” in order to guilt your spouse to submit to your abuse 

They will tell you that you can trust people who are actually ungodly and compromised and that you can’t trust people who are godly. 

The goal of demons is to get you to do what they say so you will make bad decisions, blame everyone else, refuse to forgive everyone, become addicted, lust, and justify living in sin instead of repenting for it and making it rare in your life, etc. 

Demons do not want you to forgive everyone like Jesus said in Matthew 18:21-35 because then you would be forgiven for your sin and could command them to go from you and be delivered. Demons want you to be prideful and justify sinning and never to pursue getting delivered. 

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