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In the church there are many marriages which are compromised consisting of people where one operates in the Jezebel spirit and the other either in the Ahab spirit or is desiring much more to be obedient to the things of God. 

Jezebel can operate in a woman or a man, Ahab can be in a man or a woman. Satan’s goal is to get his Jezebels to marry and then have the Jezebel control and manipulate their spouse to keep them from obeying the Lord and completing their calling. Jezebel’s assignment is to cause their spouse to compromise, tolerate sin and make their spouse’s life miserable. They will dominate them to keep them from doing what God wants. Jezebels want to stay married to their spouse as long as they can but only to emotionally abuse them to stop them from accomplishing what God wants. They will lie to others and blame their spouse for things that they do to them and act like they were the victim. 

Then when their victimized spouse finally has endured enough abuse and goes to a counselor or pastor they will lie and blame everything on their spouse. It is horrible in every sense of the word. They will act like they don’t want to divorce but it’s because they want to continue abusing them while acting like they are the godly one. They have no intentions of changing as they enjoy slowly killing their spouse legally often causing them to get sick and feel hopeless, depressed and even suicidal often causing them to get sickness and diseases. Then they want to hurt their own children and turn them against their victim spouse. 

So those who have been abused by a Jezebel must stop tolerating the abuse, tell their Jezebel that either they get delivered from their demons or they will separate from them so they can complete their calling in the Lord. They have to answer the question of who will they serve – the demons in their Jezebellic spouse or Jesus. They cannot make an idol of a demonic spouse. Sapphira submitted to her ungodly husband Annanias who caused her to lie about how much money they got for selling their property in Acts 5:1-11 and it cost her her life. Ahab served Jezebel in 1 and 2 Kings instead of God and it cost him his life. God hates the abuse which causes the divorce and stops a person from their destiny in the Lord. God is angry with those who deal treacherously with their spouse (Malachi 2). Satan wants the Jezebel to hurt you so deeply that you cannot forgive them so then his demons can hurt you.  

So we must obey the Lord, serve the Lord and not allow anyone to stop us, even our spouse. You know you are delivered when you walk daily in the fruit of the spirit and not the flesh. Galatians 5:16-26. 

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